After over twenty years as a jewelry designer, I’ve decided to utilize my craft to try to make a difference in the world. My focus is to sell pieces as a means to raise funds for the causes that I'm passionate about. As a member of a family with two cancer survivors, a portion of sales from my first line, Melu Jewelry, was donated to organizations dedicated to the fight against cancer. As women's reproductive rights are being challenged I’ve designed the Choice necklace where 50% of all proceeds will go to charities which provide women in need access to safe and legal reproductive care. Now, as we witness more and more conflict and suffering around the world I’ve created the women’s Love bracelet and the Men’s Lava Bead bracelet. 50% of all proceeds from sales of these pieces will go to organizations which provide care to those suffering in these troubled areas.

A percentage of the Custom made pieces featured in the Catalog will go to both organizations.